Au Revoir Paris

Au Revoir Paris

We woke up this morning to the sad realization that our time in Paris will end later today. We had our last coffee press in bed, tomorrow we’ll start having French Press again at home If you’ve followed this blog every day, then you know where we went next, breakfast at Eric Kayser.

On our way back to the apartment, we came across one more reminder of what we’ll miss when we are back in Los Angeles, the manner of dress in France. Color is king, not bold or over stated, just a splash, particularly on men.

We finished packing the suitcases, squeezed everything into the little elevator, and started walking to the metro station. We found out that a transfer just one stop away will take us right inside the international departures terminal at Charles de Gaulle airport. Much more affordable than the car service we used when we arrived, super convenient, and its the Metro, come on, who doesn’t love that.

At the airport we picked up some pate, cheese, and a baguette for the flight home, along with a couple mini bottles of wine. Our flight back to Los Angeles would be non-stop, but on a smaller plane than the one we arrived on. When I booked the flights some months ago, I was able to get seats in a section of the plane were we would have no other passengers on either side. While still economy class, the legroom was significantly greater than the earlier flight, a big pleasant surprise. We entertained ourselves throughout out the flight with stories from the trip, and many backgammon and domino games.

To simply say we enjoyed our trip to Paris would be a gross understatement. Our objective when we planned it was to immerse ourselves into the culture and lifestyle that is Paris. Keep the agenda open, observe and experience everything. And, find out what it is about Paris that places it high on almost everyone’s travel list, and makes those that have been there smile and drift back into their memories when they hear that you’ve been there as well.

Did we find it, I believe so, or at least a version of Paris that will be our “smile and drift back” experience. If you’ve read the entire Paris travel blog, then you know we found it in the pace of Parisian life, the Jardins, the cafe’s, and the welcoming way we were received by those we encountered.

If you choose to visit Paris someday, I hope your experience is as wonderful as ours was.

Au revoir,

Jim & Karen

I need to update my pants collection.

On our way back home, bummer.